What we have sourced

Auto Parts & Performance Products

Engine parts, Spare parts, Electronics, GPS, Lighting, Interior and Extereior Fittings, Tyre and Other Auto Parts.

Gifts Products

Cosmetics, Car gifts, Birthday gifts, Candles, Christmas gifts, Halloween gifts, Wedding gifts, Jewelry, Ladies and Gentlemen’s gifts and Other Gifts.

Cable Parts & Products

Low Voltage Cables, High Voltage Cables, Clips, Trays, Data cables And Other Cable parts & products.

Hardware & Tools

Electrical, Hand tools, Ironmongery, Plant & Machinery, Mobile solutions and Any Other Hardware & Tool products.

Bicycle Parts & Products

Bicycles, Accessories, Parts, components, saddles, seats, Handlebars and Other Bicycle Parts and Products.

Electronics Products

Sensors, LED all, Touchscreens, RFID, Battery, Switches & Switchgear, Solar, Magnetic,  Outlets & Accessories and Other Electronics Products.

Equipments & Components

Welders, Domestic Kitchen, Domestic Laundry, Water treatment, Air conditioning, Filters, Valves, Chillers, Generators and other Equipment & components.

Outdoor Sports & Products

Fishing, Ball sports, BBQ, Camping & Recreation, Sportswear, Beachwear, Outdoor sports, Indoor Sports and other Outdoor Sports & Products.


FF&E (Furniture Fixtures and Equipment), OS&E (Operational Supplies and Equipment), Consumables, Kitchen Equipment and Accessories, Construction Materials and Finishes and other Hospitality Products.

Construction materials

Floor finishes ,Wall finishes ,Ceiling finishes ,Sanitary ware, Mechanical equipment ,Electrical equipment ,Plumbing equipment ,Plant and machinery ,Doors, Timber and other Construction materials.


LED, Strip, Florescent ,Architectural ,Spotlight, Commercial lights.


Living room ,Bedroom ,Kitchen , Bathroom, Leisure ,Office, Garden , Outdoor.


Fabrics, Leathers ,Wool, Suede, Linen, FAUX leather ,Curtains.


Soft wood, Hard wood,Veneers ,MDF ,Plywood.